PBS Kids Shows

There are several PBS Kids Shows from yesteryears which are popular even today. This blog will explore some of the most popular shows aired on the channel. A couple of them that immediately come to mind are the Berenstain Bears or even Sesame Street. Everyone is more or less familiar with the top shows on PBS Kids. Listed below are three of the longest running kids’ shows ever.

PBS Kids Shows

PBS Kids Shows

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

  • Sometimes shortened as Misterogers or even called Mister Rogers, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is an American educational television series that runs for about half-hour.
  • Originally created in 1963, with the name Misterogers
  • Then in 1966, the series was re-branded once again as Misteroger’s Neighborhood.
  • Finally, the Eastern Educational Network that is the forerunner in Public Television in the United States today, renamed it as ‘Mister Roger’s Neighborhood’.
  • Until 31st August 2001, it aired on NET and then on PBS as well after its debut on National Television in February of 1968.
  • Yet, the series comes in an animated spin-off eleven years after it had concluded. It got a tribute for its completion of 50 years as well.
  • It premiered on PBS stations across the nation Titled Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like (with your support).

Sesame Street

  • Another American Educational television series meant for children, Sesame Street gave a combination of animation, sketch comedy and puppetry.
  • Previously called the Children’s Television Workshop, the show is produced by the Sesame Workshop
  • Created by Lloyd Morrisett and Joan Ganz Cooney, the programming is popular for its communication methodology through Jim Henson’s Muppets
  • It consists of short films comprising of culturally-inclined references along with humor
  • Having premiered on November 10th 1969, the show continued till it even got into some controversy
  • Since its debut, PBS, the United States’ national public television provider with high viewership, airs the show
  • The run even moved on to HBO on 16th January 2016
  • Formats changed according to the audience’s viewing habits
  • A new Muppet named Julia with autism was introduced in April 2017, played by Stacey Gordon
  • The 46th season started providing viewers with a standard half-hour version of the show


  • One of the best animated American/Canadian PBS Kids shows that is an educational children’s television series
  • Jackie, Matt and Inez are three kids from earth who enter the digital universe or Cyberspace
  • Villain Hacker is out to destroy the world and the children are trying to protect Earth
  • The children use problem–solving skills revolving around basic math to prevent the hacker from eliminating Cyberspace
  • A cybird digit helps them on their mission in cyberspace
  • It later achieved an official debut on PBS in January of 2002
  • The show then entered its season 8 finale after which there was a hiatus
  • Finally, in 2013, the show returned with another season namely the 9th and in 2015 got its 10th season
  • In October of 2017, Cyberchase released its 11th season

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