Odd Squad on PBS Kids

Kids at your home will always have the best time watching Odd Squad on PBS Kids. It is a new and interesting PBS series to stream. Throughout all the episodes, Olive and Motto are on their mission to investigate.

Most of the Odd Squad shows on PBS Kids help your kids to learn a lot of new things

Set to Air on All Weekdays

Odd Squad on PBS Kids is set to air on all weekdays and there are a lot of interesting episodes and Games that include Zero effect, Bad Luck Bears, Sound Check, Reindeer Games, My Better Half, Oscar and Oscar boats, Crime at Shapely Manor and a lot more.

Encourage your kids to watch Odd Squad on PBS Kids and definitely this is the best opportunity to educate them to the best

Odd Squad on PBS Kids

Odd Squad on PBS Kids

Zero Effect

Zeros often disappear from and you need to destroy them before they start to destroy the Town. It’s interesting to play the game and most of the kids love to play it

Reindeer Games

Start playing the game in which the Olive and Otto finding the Missing Reindeer is always thrilling

Crime at Shapely Manor

Are you ready to watch a crime Thriller? Crime at Shapely Manor is the series in which Olive and Otto begin their job to investigate crime. Spend some of your free time watching the series and you will never end up feeling bored

Always the Best to Educate your Kids

Most of the parents encourage their kids to watch each episode of the show and it always helps your kids to educate themselves. There are a lot of other interesting collections too

Entertaining Odd Squad Videos

Odd squad videos are of different categories and include educational videos that provide a lot of valuable information to all your kids. Get a mobile device to stream the popular video collections and never miss the best opportunity to watch your favorites

Stay tuned to stream the episodes of Odd Squad on PBS Kids. Visit our PBS website to know what the latest Odd squad videos. It is your Interest to choose the collections that you like the most

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