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Applicable laws

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Privacy policy

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We do not guarantee any accuracy in the information that we deliver through our website, our representatives or through ads available on the internet. The website also requires proper conduct from its users and mandates all users to provide due respect to any member of the company. In case of inappropriate behavior or language that may cause damage to the website or prove disrespect towards any individual representing the company, then necessary legal action shall be taken against such individuals.

Third-party services

From third party affiliates,our website may publish information.For the information that these affiliates publish,however, we cannot be responsible.


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Reservation of Rights

Pbskidsroku.com reserves all rights to copyrights, patents, trademarks and other proprietary right held by the website. For the commercial use of this websitewe do not give any rights to any person. Without obtaining the permission from the competent authorityyou cannot use any information.

Miscellaneous information

With the court’s legislation,sometimes are times when certain terms and conditions may conflict. Hence, in accordance to the applicable laweach party’s original intention will be found. However, we shall use them for clarificationsif there is no ambiguity in our terms and conditions.