Privacy Policy

The privacy policy herein is the mandate followed by the website. It mandates how the above-mentioned website gathers, utilizes and transfers data collected from its users and clients. The data and information can be related to personal details, channels details, account details, device details and sometimes even location details. This may be procured through direct or indirect communications which range between phone calls, live chat conversations and also written communications such as emails. By further making use of the website, you hereby acknowledge and confirm that you abide by the privacy policy of This is also applicable to any service or information that you may avail from the website in the future.

How we collect data

Users can reach out to avail our services at our customer care toll-free number and that is one means by which the website receives information feeds from its users. The second method taken up the website to collect users’ info is using its live chat feature. And finally, the third form of communication is through emails and other forms of written communication.

What details we collect

Name and personal details

Name and other personal details of a user are necessary in order to help users create and maintain accounts with the channel providers or with device manufacturer websites. The details collected includes and definitely not restricted to the following;

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email address
  4. Billing address
  5. Cable subscription login
  6. Mobile number

Credentials and Payment data collection

The website will not use it for any other purpose than intended the account details and payment credentials we obtain from the user and it will be kept extremely confidential. This is applicable to any device that the channel is compatible with be it a Roku player, Chromecast streamer, Android TVs, Samsung TVs, Sony TVs or even mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

  1. Payment info – card details, PayPal account info

Device Information

We will be collecting the device information for providing efficient solutions to the user’s issues, its current operational state or any other related information.

  1. Brand of the device used
  2. OS version of the device
  3. Channel account info
  4. Device account info

If you deny our tech representatives of these details, then they may not be able to further provide the website’s services.

Collection of Location data

The website may collect information about the device’s location during the course of providing service, with the sole intention of providing a good feedback for the issue.


For varied purposes the website may use cookies; analyzing the site traffic, to track technical issues, document downloads and for other measures.

Personal Information

Unless we wish to take any legal action the personal information of our users will be strictly confidential and will never be used against the above-mentioned. Where the user interferes or violates the rights of this may happen.