PBS Kids Games

While iPads, iPhones, Androids and other internet-enabled devices are a great source of both education and entertainment for the kids, it is absolutely imperative to find the right kind of content that suits our tiny audience. This where PBS has been trying to make user choice easy by introducing the new PBS Kids Games apps for all internet-compatible devices. You can also play them on your mobile both Android and iOS. There are no pesky in-app purchases and the new app is totally free just like the PBS Kids Video App. There are loads of games packed within a single app that contain various characters such as Super Why, Daniel Tiger, Dinosaur Train, etc.

Featuring educational content suitable for kids between the ages of 2 years and 8 years, the PBS Games Kids App is extremely interactive. It encourages children to engage in skills that are associated with creativity, science, maths and a lot more.

PBS Kids Games

PBS Kids Games

Salient Features of the App

  • Easy for children to browse and play games anytime and anywhere
  • Kid-friendly user experience
  • From the favorite PBS KIDS series you get to learn a lot of games
  • Periodically, newer games are added
  • Kids in under-connected homes can play and learn from these games at any time and offline; these can be saved on a device separately
  • You will also receive noteworthy information about local PBS Stations and their schedules, storage management, app usage and every series on TV is available on the app

Compatibility Details

The PBS Kids Games apps functions on almost every platform inclusive of

  • iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Android
  • Fire Phone
  • Kindle Fire
  • The minimum software required are iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.0 and up

Subject-wise Learning Includes

  • Under Language & Learning
    1. Letter or Word Recognition
    2. Naming
    3. Storytelling
  • In Math
    1. Grouping
    2. Patterns
    3. Shapes
  • Under Science
    1. Astronomy
    2. Weather
    3. Animals

Skill-based Learning

  • Under Thinking & Reasoning
    1. Hypothesis-testing
    2. Drawing conclusions
    3. Solving puzzles
  • Released sometime in April 2016, the app comes with a free pricing structure
  • The current app version is 1.0.0 with a size of 186.00 MB

About PBS Kids Gaming App

  • With popular PBS Kids characters, PBS KIDS GAMES includes more than 25 games
  • Team up with Super Why to sort out the jumbled books, or join some Dinosaur Train friends as they race down the river collecting bugs or help Elmo find some cookies for which he has to sneak past the chicken guards. The kids can also enjoy Wild Krafts or choose an adventure-style story with Daniel Tiger.
  • Also, PBS Kids Games explores a variety of kids’ abilities and interests including music, strategy, racing, shapes and much more.


The games are available on the website as well but the mini-games are more varied. This is because each character of the PBS Kids Games’ family is given a bit of time. Furthermore, with built-in educational message, parents are assured of highly kid-friendly content.

For more information about the PBS kids games and app download & installation, visit us at https://www.pbskidsroku.com/ or call us at +1-844-218-9011.

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