PBS Kids App

PBS Kids is considered as one of the leading gaming as well as programming app for kids. Children can discover new games and learning through an interactive media designed especially for kids.  Children can explore new ideas and new worlds through television, digital platforms and community-based programs from PBS Kids, the number one educational media brand for kids. Through curriculum-based media—wherever kids are PBS Kids’ is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children. PBS Kids Games also plays a key role in ensuring constructive learning through unique gaming software meant for specific ages. The PBS Kids App can be easily downloaded from any popular app store.

PBS Kids App

PBS Kids App

The Games App

Encourage your child to engage in skills related to science, math, creativity and more with free games for kids between the ages of 2 and 8 years. Facilitating play alongside their favorite characters, the app is child-friendly and provides kids the right kind of playing experience appropriate for their ages. Besides, the app is portable and can be played anywhere and at any time.

Resources for Parents

Parents can avail of some great features in the app including information about current TV series, PBS Kids Local Station programming schedule, and related app information about the PBS Kids apps. Parents can also the storage space the app can use on individual devices.

PBS Kids Video App

Kids can watch a variety of clips from more than a dozen PBS Kids shows with the PBS Kids Video app. This is an educational app that even lets parents share video clips via email, twitter or even Facebook. Buy videos by simply tapping on the link. Open the app to autoplay the videos. Watch limitless programming and videos on the PBS Kids Videos app. While the privacy policies and terms of service frequently change it is important to read the developer’s policy for privacy. This information details how information about you or your kids is gathered, shared, used and how any choices that you make on the app are handled.

Using the App

From a list on the side of the main screen, kids can tap the icon of the desired show. An easily recognizable character icon makes it easy for them to identify the shows. Kids can navigate shows, pause, and play with the help of a kid-friendly toolbar present in the app.

By swiping the information app on each tab you can:

  • Search for related apps
  • Find local PBS Stations and their show times
  • Buy videos from iTunes
  • Get more information and details about each show

More Details

Kids can watch over a dozen PBS Kids shows through the simple, no-frills PBS Kids Video app. Even for the very young, the app is easy to navigate and has an attractive interface. It is easy for kids to choose content from a variety of shows through the clips that range from less than one minute to about five minutes. PBS Kids video segments are available to watch through a simplified television for kids. For more information, call us at +1-844-218-9011.

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