Here are the Best PBS Kids Online Games and Apps

For both parents and kids alike, PBS provides guilt-free screen time experiences with great educational and enriching programming content. Among other stuff, the channel is also popular with the kids for its interactive games. Here are some of the best PBS Kids Online Games and Apps that will keep your kids engaged while they watch their favorite characters on screen. It comes as no surprise that the channel has many apps and games online to help your child grow intellectually. Apart from that, the kids also develop social and emotional skills.

PBS Kids online games and Apps

PBS Kids online games and Apps

Wild Kratts Rescue Run

In this fun game, the child can save Kratts animals from the villains. Each character has their own sets of Creature Power suits and your child can choose to play as Chris, Martin or Aviva. Children can collect up to 43 animals from 24 levels of the game. The three different locales in which the Wild Kratts Rescue Run takes place. They are the Australian Outback, a wintery North American Forest and the South American Rainforest. The child can play at nearly any age by adjusting the running speed of the characters. Each rescued animal shows up in the Creaturepedia. For each one that the children collect, they get to learn interesting facts about the animals.

Cat in the Hat Builds That!

Your child can master some STEM skills on this app with the help popular characters from Dr. Seuss. This app is geared toward pre-K kids and is based on the PBS show that can be activated through pbskids org activate. The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That. Children can learn measurements, develop organizational skills and even learn some basic physics through three games, Bridge-a-rama, Sorta-ma-gogo and Slidea-ma-zoo. Rewards get built up as the child completes each challenge. The Tree House and backyard can be customized with the help of these rewards. There are also Thing 1 and Thing 2 in the game.

Animal Home Builder

Your child will help build and design homes for cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits with characters in this PC game, from the show Arthur. Building a cat condo or bunny cageGeorge and Arthur help walk your child through each step. The game allows the child’s creativity to shine through when they learn how to follow directions, and work on their computer and motor skills. For each of the animal homes, the child can choose the patterns and color combinations. This game is a great way to introduce the child to the computer.

Daniel’s Grr-ific Feelings

On Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Daniel Tiger has never been shy about showing his fans how he’s feeling. Children learn to identify and navigate their feelings through this specific app. It is downloadable and features very many games that have to do with emotions. There are about 18 Daniel Tiger songs, a Feelings Photo booth to practice their best selfie smile and a Drawing Easel to express themselves.

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