Execute PBS Kids Activate Roku Process Using pbskids.org/activate

PBS KIDS is a 24-hr channel dedicated especially for the kids. It came into being sometime in 2013 with videos that contained children’s programming and offerings. Most of this is being watched on the Roku streaming on-demand services via pbskids.org/activate. The channel features many primetime shows and full episodes.  While offering consistency, the PBS kids app also bestows a quality on the Roku’s channel library, which already contains a wide range of unbiased entertainment. In 2017, PBS Kids announced more shows and episodes meant for kids on the new 24 / 7 PBS KIDS channel. Your children can now watch shows after school or after dinner and even on weekends.

Activate PBS Kids Channel on Roku – pbs.org/activate Roku

Ahead of the activation process, just make sure that you have read the terms and conditions, the privacy policy for the channel and rules for the device usage. On the Roku, you can add the PBS KIDS Channel with absolute ease. If you don’t have the channel on your Roku, then here is how you add it.

Finding the Channel

  • Go down to the ‘Streaming Channels’ option on the device
  • From here, go to the channel store and click on the ‘Search Channels’ option
  • On the virtual keypad, type the PBS KIDS Channel’s name
  • From the choices displayed click on ‘PBS KIDS’
  • Then click on ‘Add Channel’ using the right arrow
  • The player should do the needful now; you will see the percentage of progress
  • Once the channel has been added, press ‘Ok’ to confirm the PBS kids activate.

Pbs kids activate

Activate PBS Kids on Roku

PBS Kids Activation Code

  • Thereafter, click on ‘Go to Channel’ to open it
  • This will bring up the PBS KIDS logo
  • When it opens, you will see the pbskids.org/activate code; you must remember this code because you have to enter it on the channel’s activation page
  • To enter the pbskids.org/activate code Roku you need a computer or a tablet or even your smartphone should suffice
  • Open a browser and in the address bar type pbs.org/activate
  • This will take you to the activation page with an empty text box
  • Type the activation code in here and then click on ‘Continue’

Pbskids.org/activate sign in

You have to sign in with your PBS or Facebook account or even Google

Once you log in with one of these PBS Kids Activate accounts, go back to your Roku.com/link and you will see that the channel is opened. You will also be signed in automatically and you can instantly start watching your preferred videos

Grid Interface

The channel loads fairly fast and comes with a traditional grid interface that makes it easy to identify shows.  As you launch the channel, you will see a small overview of what programming is available in there. You can choose all the full episodes that you wish to watch.

Back to Back

There are also lots of clips available that provide you with an insight of a series by Pbs Kids Activate.  If you choose to watch these clips, they run automatically back to back. This is really a nice channel if you are looking for something good for your kids to sit down and watch.

Full Episodes

The full episodes are generally in a rotation which means the programming takes turns to feature each full episode. The content gets updated quite frequently on the PBS channel, which is free on your Roku. Check out the reviews to get updates of the best PBS Kids shows.

Roku Remote Buttons

In order to execute the above-mentioned process and stream PBS Kids on your streaming device through pbskids.org/activate, the Roku remote is a must have. Read further to know how to operate the remote. The remote is a very important part of your Roku player. Knowing how the buttons work will help you navigate to your channels easily.

  • Take your TV remote and press the ‘Input’ button to open the menu and switch over to Roku
  • If you look at the Roku remote, you will find a button called ‘Netflix’, which when you press, will take you directly to the channel; Different Roku models come with remotes that have various direct channel options but Netflix is invariably present.

Standard Buttons

The standard buttons on a Roku remote are:

  • Back that helps you go back to the previous screen
  • Home button to get back to the main screen
  • The UP, Down, Left and Right are arrow buttons that are directional
  • Ok helps you select an option in a particular menu
  • The Options button lets you view more options
  • REV SCAN allows you to rewind and scroll towards the left one page at a time
  • PLAY/PAUSE for playback and pausing
  • FWD SCAN to scroll right one page at a time
  • Channel shortcuts like Netflix to instantly access the channels
  • STATUS LED lets you see information about the usage of your remote
  • Volume buttons are in the form of + and that will help you increase or decrease the volume
  • Press the Instant Replay button to play the last 7 seconds of the video again

Other add-ons

  • Mic for using the voice search function
  • Headphone Jack to plug in the headphones for private listening
  • A and B can be used as action buttons for gaming

Facts About Roku’s Enhanced Remote

  • The TV is automatically muted the moment you plug in your headphones into the jack
  • The volume can be controlled with the help of the volume keys on the remote
  • With enhanced sensitivity this intelligent remote comes with a motion-sensing technology that even allows you to play Pbs kids games smoothly
  • Some remotes also come with adjustable straps for your wrist just in case you sweat and the remote slips off your hand

The Free Roku App for Both IOS and Android

The Roku mobile app is absolutely free for both IOS and Android devices. Your android devices thus becomes your best streaming companion. With the app you can search for your favorite Pbs kids videos and pbskids.org/activate channel from the mobile itself.


Access popular features using the tabs present on the screen. Tap the ‘Search’ icon directly to look for your preferred programming.  You can even use the Voice Search to find your favorite entertainment. With Roku search, free results are displayed, first. The list is then followed by the paid channels with their price in descending order. Tap on ‘What’s On’ and you will get a handpicked selection of entertainment that you can watch for free. With a few taps you can access a blockbuster movie and in this case the Pbskids.org/activate channel and TV show. The private listening feature lets you listen to your programming without disturbing others. So, if it is a busy day, you can let your kids plug in the headphones and watch their favorite PBS KIDS programming without any interference.